Hello, I’m Adam

I’m a software engineer, lecturer, conference speaker and blogger, currently focused on Android development, with experience in Java EE, Node.js, Ruby on Rails and RESTful API design. Feel free to contact me if you need consulting or extra pair of hands.

My current work

[EN] The Beginner’s Guide to Notifications in Android N
[EN] How To Get Started With Facebook Messenger Bots
[EN] Android Material Design using Design Support Library
[EN] Introduction to ReactiveX on Android
[EN] Android Runtime Permissions
[EN] How to Get Started with Android Programming


[PL] Personal techblog

[PL] Android Code Lab – NavigationDrawer
[PL] Android Code Lab – ActionBarCompat
[PL] Mobile Design
[PL] Android School workshop series
[EN] GO, GO, GO! (Introduction to Golang)
[PL] Restify
[PL] Hello Android
[PL] Socket.IO

Speaker Deck

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